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The following recommendations and testimonials are in chronological order, cover virtually all of our completed projects and most include contact details as links for follow up. Please contact us for any client contact details that are not shown.


27th September 2021
Peri Mackintosh
Client for St Donnatts Rd

Many thanks for the 3D sketchups. They are incredibly helpful.

I really love the design you have created!


18th December 2020
Rupert Gledhill
Client for Springall St

Thanks for the photos. They look amazing!

I would be thrilled if you entered the property for some architectural competitions ! Please keep me updated!


5th June 2019
Virginia Bridgstock and Jack Kelly 
Clients for Bellenden Road

Thank you so so much Thomas and your team. Jack and I have found it so easy to work with you all and we are extremely happy with the results.

We feel very lucky to have had such a hard working and diligent group of people to work with and will happily recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thanks again,
Ginnie and Jack


13th February 2019
John Donnelly and Frances Grey
Clients for Lowther Hill 01

From the beginning we felt listened to and our concerns addressed. Solutions were found that we could not have come up with ourselves, particularly regarding light and configuration. We are very happy we used Green and Teggin for our home.

There were some parts that were hard to imagine until we saw them – we hadn’t anticipated just how much light the windows would create. So in effect they were better than anticipated. The brief was certainly fulfilled. More light, more space, an open feel to the house.

The house is more welcoming for guests. It feels lighter, calmer, more spacious. It takes advantage of the view from our hill. We are very happy indeed.


15th December 2018
Recommended local architect

Here is a recommendation for a fantastic local architect firm that we’ve used twice now for two different projects. Husband and wife team, Green and Teggin, are simply brilliant – creative, intelligent designs that have turned our Victorian terrace in to a light, bright and airy family home. Jacqueline, who we have predominantly dealt with, is fab – If you are considering doing any side returns, loft conversions, etc, I would highly recommend.


22nd May 2018
Zoe Telford.
Client for 24 Aldersmead Rd

The extension brought light into the home and we spend more time there than anywhere in the house. The space is well conceived and we have great views we didn’t have before. It is a wonderful improvement on what was there before. You designed us a beautiful space for us.


15th May 2018
Uns Salman.
Client for 111b Barry Rd

I was really happy with the design and overall look of the space. You did a great job and I’d recommend you to my friends. We love love love our kitchen space. It’s everything we wanted and more!


18th March 2018
John Donnelly.
Client for 42 Lowther Hill

We’re very pleased with the results, and would be happy to recommend you (and already have).


13th Feb 2018
Rosie Garvey.
Client for 83 Hatcham Park Rd

The original outline brief, fee proposal and meeting with Tom was all very professional. We had considered a couple of other options and Green and Teggin’s proposal was the clearest. Tom understood what we wanted.

The management of the technical design was well structured and professional. Tom clearly has a lot of experience in these types of project and co-ordination with other consultants went smoothly as a result. He involved all the necessarily professionals (surveyor, structural engineer, energy accessor and approved inspector) all of which were competent professionals and good value for money. In particular, we had a number of issues with our neighbour and Tom and Stephen (surveyor) handled this excellently. It was helpful to have impartial people involved in this process.

Our aim was to find someone who could help make sure the build went smoothly. Tom’s technical knowledge is excellent and having such a detailed technical specification was invaluable in providing clear direction on site and keeping costs within the original budget as it was clear what was and wasn’t included in the price. Tom was also effective at producing and co-ordinating details of the large cost items such as glass roof, crittal window and door and new sashs and was on site to make sure things were being made and installed correctly when required.


22nd September 2017
Recommended architect

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Jacqueline Green at Green and Teggin architects. Jacqueline has just done a drawing for my kitchen, which I am delighted with. Jacqueline was great at listening to what I was looking for & observing how we live and coming up with a very practical design that is not run of the mill, I love it! Just wish so she wasn’t so busy so that I could work with her on the next stages.


27th December 2015
Recommended architect
Client for 171 Landells Rd.

Others have asked for recommended architects. Green and Teggin worked for me to design and plan a Rear, loft and first floor extension. Landells Road

Working with Jacqui at Green & Teggin was a great experience. It’s the first time I’ve used architectural services but Jacqui made the whole thing really easy to understand and kept me informed throughout the whole project. I was really impressed with how she used her knowledge and experience to turn my ideas into a fantastic design solution. The fact that Jacqui was also proactive with the other contractors responsible for the measurement of the property and with the council planner was brilliant – it really was a full service. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Green & Teggin again and would recommend them to anyone thinking about home improvements.


15th December 2015
Jeremy Wyatt.
Client for 15 Marmora Rd.

Just want to say thanks so much. We really appreciate you working so creatively and committedly, and the plans we have we love and are a testament to that work. We love the angles, the courtyard, the window seat and island, and together we think it’s a fantastic design.


4th October 2015
Navindu Katugampola.
Recommendation: Architects Green & Teggin
Client for 64 Olander Rd.

My wife and I asked Jackie and Tom to help us with a complete overhaul of our Victorian semi. They were absolutely phenomenal throughout. Jackie was patient and attentive to us throughout the design process, making a number of terrific suggestions which we ultimately incorporated. Through the tender and build phase, Tom was diligent and thorough in keeping the builders on track, and making sure they executed properly. Their personal approach was really valuable for us, especially as we had never done anything like this before.

Thoroughly recommended, happy to be contacted for references.


15th March 2015
Zoe Telford.
Client for 24 Aldersmead Rd

We approached Green and Teggin for an initial consultation, seeking their advice about introducing more light into our home while rationalising other practical aspects of the existing living space. We had looked through a number of architects’ websites, and Green and Teggin stood out to us: we were attracted by the clean lines, the use of wood and glass, the ‘airy’ yet grounded modern design, and they had worked on projects that seemed to be similar to the kind of scale we had in mind. So we were delighted that Jackie was able to spend an afternoon with us, first discussing how we wanted the space to work, talking over various options, and then making drawings we could see straight away. We very quickly felt a rapport her, she’s very approachable, listens to your ideas, comes up with lots of her own, and we knew we knew we wanted to proceed with her and the Green and Teggin Practice.

The decision was made to demolish the 80s extension and rebuild on the existing footprint a more open plan extension, making the whole seem more of a single organism rather than a series of awkwardly connected rooms. Jackie introduced a glass roof supported by beams, sliding doors and a slight projection into the garden along one half of the rear wall, including a corner window. This involved a cantilevered design and together with the glass accounted for the bulk of our spend. Tom skilfully steered the design through the latter stages of the planning process (he was tireless in his efforts to provide the most exceptional level detail required by the planners in our borough, Bromley) always a calm and steady voice at the interface between ‘architecture’ and ‘building’.

While we had to make some tough decisions along the way, balancing our wish list against our budget, Tom ensured that the beautiful spatial logic to Jackie’s design was protected, as we wanted it to be. He incorporated into the plan the highest standards of insulation, secreted LED lighting fixtures, and cleverly concealed drainage solutions, with the result that inside and out the form of the building is clear and uncluttered.

Now at the end of the project, our living space has been transformed. We have a much more spacious house it seems, despite it being only fractionally larger than it was before. Best of all, the house connects us so much more with the outdoors – our garden, the birds and the sky – what a difference, it’s uplifting. We’d certainly recommend Jackie and Tom.


12th January 2015
Re: Architectural inspiration

My husband and I have sought inspiration from Jacqueline on two occasions, which included a rear extension, a loft mezzanine and a downstairs reconfiguration. We have now moved into a new property and will seek her advice again. We were extremely satisfied with her approach and suggestions. She competently drew plans and secured planning permission. She was generally really helpful in helping us figure out the possible options and guiding our choices in using the various routes to achieve the outcomes we were looking for. In addition, Jacqueline is a very kind and open minded person, with whom it is a delight to deal. We can only recommend her very warmly.


12th January 2015
Emma Bardwell.
Client for 150 Trurney Rd

I have now used Jacqueline on 2 separate occasions for 2 very different projects. The first was for a tricky loft conversion and the second for a total refurb on a period property. Both times she has been exceptionally good at listening to ideas but also coming up with a broad range of her own, taking the time to guide me through all the possible avenues and alternatives. Her real forte I believe is her friendly, personable approach. Rather than bamboozling me with architectural jargon, she made the whole process transparent and straightforward. Her knowledge is extensive and she handled both our planning applications extremely professionally (we were awarded permission on both occasions). We are now living in a light filled, airy space that marries together the new and old elements of the building really successfully. If anyone would like further info please feel free to PM me.

I have recommended her to at least 4 other friends and they have all been delighted with her service.


4th January 2015
Re: Architectural inspiration

I have used Jackie’s design consultation service and would recommend it. It really helped us to consolidate our ideas for the building work we are about to do to our house. She came up with lots of different ideas and thought creatively about how to use the space in our house. If you’d like any more info, please pm me.


25th July 2014
James Beechinor-Collins.
Client for 1 The Gardens.

We’re really pleased to have had the pleasure of working with you both and we’re super excited for the next stage (and completion). From the plans, the outcome should be better than we could ever have hoped. Definitely worth the investment.


13th July 2014
Unns Hobbs
Recommendation: Architects Green & Teggin
Client for 111B Barry Rd.

I wanted to recommend our fabulous architect Jacqueline (from Green & Teggin). She designed a STUNNING rear extension for us which we are really happy with.

The brief was challenging as we had major light issues with our neighbour so for her to overcome them easily was such a relief. Jackie came up with clever, simple and creative solutions which doubled our living space.

When I started looking for architects, I decided to hunt around as I wanted to be sure of finding someone that was creative and could provide effective solutions for our light restrictions. I ended up meeting with 5 of them and explained our challenges and brief. Most of the architects I met didn’t fill me with confidence. I was worried they wouldn’t design anything that our neighbour would be happy with and most didn’t even follow up with me after our initial meeting. However, Jackie gave me so many ideas in our initial meeting that I knew she was the one. From that meeting on, we went back and forth with various designs which our neighbour signed off and we were very pleased with.

We’ve just had planning approval so we are very excited about the next stage which Green & Teggin are also helping us with.

If you are looking for an architect that really understands space, light and the intricacies of Victorian properties then Jackie is your lady. Professional and very creative. We couldn’t be happier.

Contact me for a reference.


28th March 2014
Sarah Cannell.
Client for 
69 Grove Park

After a year and a half in our new kitchen, it is great to be able to say that everything is just lovely. The kitchen works. It is a very low key clever and calming design. It does not look like or feel like an ‘add on’ to the house, it does not create any awkward spaces or rooms which do not look like they fit into a Victorian shell, but what it does do is hugely enhance the whole experience of a kitchen. It is now the family room: everything is done in here, from arguments to music to eating to computing and most of all to cooking. The way the kitchen works for a largish family, many of whom love to cook, is perfect. No one gets under each others feet and we have at least 3 distinct preparation areas. The whole design of the extension makes it appear ‘normal’ – no beams in the ceiling or awkward corners, the lines are simple and very effective. One or two comments on the rest of the work we had done which might be mentioned. The double glazing has made a difference to the house and was very important. We were very keen to maintain as close the the original as possible and asked for conservation glazing. In retrospect it was not worth it; a Victorian house needs very serious insulation if it is to reduce your heating bills and warm up the house significantly. It may have been too tall an order to expect, but hoping that conservation glazing would do the trick was not a wise move . Equally, although we love underfloor heating it has not proved sufficient to keep us warm in cold winters and we are now trying to decide what extra help the house needs to boost the temperatures again. However, the concept of maximising the insulation and trying to reduce the energy consumption of the house is one Tom is totally wedded to. As the client though, you have to accept that for it to work you have to do everything! Not just pick and choose what you like.

All in all, with our brilliant builders, the extension and the way it has changed the house have been more than worth it. Our thanks to Tom and Jackie for their patience and all their work




31st October 2013
Re: Architect/design ideas recommendation

I wanted to second this recommendation! Jackie from Green and Teggin came round to our house for a design consultation, as we too were figuring out how to replan the layout of our ground floor, and deciding whether it was worth going ahead with a rear extension. We had a very useful session of discussing options, from the radical to the more conservative, and were left with drawings that we could use as further food for thought. Jackie was very patient in answering our many questions as we tried to decide whether or not to go ahead with the extension project on a tricky sloping site, and also suggested a good structural engineer to advise us further. She is extremely thorough and helpful.


14th October 2013
Re: Architect/design ideas recommendation

I wanted to recommend Jacqueline from Teggin and Green.

I invited her to give us some design ideas for replanning our ground floor. She absorbed the ‘brief’ really quickly and came up with an excellent idea that my husband and I had not thought of despite a couple of years of discussion! She left us with a scale drawing we will be able to give straight to our builder.


9th September 2013
Tim Smith.
Client for 16 Holmdene Av.

We’d be delighted to give you a recommendation and I’m sure an e-mail address will be fine.

I have to say the house is a great success – even whilst still all ahoo with boxes and clutter it’s a delight to be in and really easy to live with. We’re looking forward to showing it off.


13th March 2013
Belinda Brown.
Client for 43a Underhill Rd.

The brief was to design a family home for a very awkward space with various other specifications. Jacqueline and Tom were lovely to work with and took a real interest in the job. First we worked more with Jacqueline. She listened carefully to all our requirements and produced a stream of architectural drawings responding to our feedback and interpreting our comments in a sensitive and creative way.  While the project was developed initially from our ideas they worked very creatively with these bringing their own ideas to it, thus greatly improving it, and coming up with ingenious solutions to particular problems.

At all points they made sure that we took cost into consideration – drawing our attention to decisions which would have significant implications for our budget. They were always very open to discussion and would help us to explore our ideas from different angles and draw our attention to the different issues involved.  They understood our concerns and were happy to engage with them. Once at a meeting when I wasn’t sure what a particular feature would look like, Jacqueline sat and drew a three dimensional view of the room in proportion which showed very clearly how it would look.

We were pleased not only with the way in which  they dealt with a very awkward space in terms of layout of rooms but also with the overall appearance producing a design which was just what we had wanted to achieve. Tom and Jacqueline also seem to work together really well bringing different element s to the project.  We really enjoyed the process of designing the house but the project is on hold whilst we consider  our options from a financial point of view.  They were fantastic to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


28th January 2013
Re: wanted: architect.

I also used Jacqui Teggin (Green & Teggin) recently for an ideas consultation and found it helpful. She spent three hours at my place measuring the space (it’s for a potential side extension) and then doing some initial drawings showing how we might use the space (and gave an indication of possible costs). She did several options for using the space, which was helpful. They charged £300 for the service but it was a useful thing to have done, so I thought it was money worth paying.


21st November 2012
Re: wanted: architect.

I had Jacqui Teggin (Green & Teggin) around for an ideas consultation a few months ago. She was very helpful, had some great ideas and considered how we lived and used our home. There is a charge for the ideas consultation. She can send you a quote/brief for drawing up plans if required.


14th November 2012
Shane Carey (Director Eclectic Productions).
Client for 441 New Cross Road.

Green and Teggin were the first architect firm we had worked with, and we needed to navigate planning and works for our four storey commercial building. As we knew very little about the process, their professional and empathetic approach helped us to successfully gain the planning permission we needed. Reasonably priced, available whenever we needed, and willing to go the extra mile to guide us, I would highly recommend their services.


6th November 2012
Deborah Wolton (Trustee the Quadrangle Trust).
Client for Quadrangle Workshops and Shepherd’s Barn.

Green & Teggin have provided us with very useful advice for several years on a wide range of issues from conservation and general maintenance, conversions and refurbishments (residential and commercial space) to long term and strategic advice and planning regarding the Quadrangle Trust’s properties and land.

They have proved themselves to be highly flexible and adaptable consultants, acting as lead consultants in a number of successful projects. They are highly competent and share our values. I would highly recommend them.


28th October 2012
Lowri Daniels.
Client for 28 Horsford Rd.

When we were looking for an architect to help with an extension, I found Green and Teggin through the EDF (the Brixton equivalent is not nearly so good!), so I am really pleased to be able to come back and recommend them to others, as our new room is nearly finished. They are an excellent team – Jacqueline came up with lots of initial ideas, and did the drawings and planning and Tom then took over and has been tenacious in dealing with the builders and sorting out any problems. We hadn’t had anything like this done before, so particularly appreciated the way Tom took time to explain things and replied quickly to any questions as the work progressed. We are thrilled with the results.


14th June 2012
Carrie Winstanley.
Client for Oglander Rd.

I would highly recommend Green and Teggin. They designed a beautiful kitchen extension for us to replace the rather grim one we originally had.


20th May 2012
Re: Recommendation for architect wanted.

Another recommendation for Green and Teggin. Jacqueline was brilliant at getting our (somewhat tricky) plans through Southwark Council. She’s a first rate architect, knows the area well and has built a good relationship with the planning team at the Council. If you want more info please feel free to pm me.


19th April 2012
Carrie Winstanley.
Client for Oglander Rd.

I would highly recommend Green and Teggin. They are a local husband and wife team and have designed a beautiful rear extension for us.


27th March 2012
Highly recommended: Green & Teggin architects.

I have briefly mentioned Green and Teggin elsewhere on the forum but having worked with them for a number of months now I really think they deserve a thread of their own. Jacqueline (one half of the husband/wife team) has been absolutely superlative in her commitment to our project. She’s guided us through initial designs, planning applications and revised drawings with aplomb. In particular she’s come up with some brilliant ideas to make the most of every last inch of space in our new bedroom design. I found her to be super approachable and she listened to my ideas but also had plenty of her own. I am a very happy customer indeed.


7th January 2012
Re: Architect recommendation wanted.

Another recommendation for Green and Teggin. We had a very useful 2 hour consultation with Jacqueline. She came up with lots of original ideas to improve our small living space and gave us much more than we were expecting in the limited time. We have not yet decided how to proceed, but wouldn’t hesitate to use them for our future plans.


28th December 2011
Re: Architect Recommendation.

I used the one-off advice service provided by Jacqueline from Teggin and Greene for ideas on how to reconfigure my kitchen and utility rooms. I’ve had a few professionals round and she was the most imaginative and helpful. She drew up 3 options very quickly with a rough total cost estimate for each. I was very impressed.


5th September 2011
Re: Architect recommendation wanted.

We had a good experience of Jaqui, from Green and Teggin. We used her service at the very early stages of planning our kitchen rebuild. She is knowledgeable and professional but very personable. Although in the end we had to scale things down and didn’t fully go with her more ambitious design, her input and the advice she gave us helped crystallize our ideas. We are pleased with the result, were grateful to her for her work and would certainly recommend her.


17th August 2011
Re: Architect recommendation wanted.

Another recommendation for Jacqueline at Green and Teggin. We are in the first throes of working with her but already I feel assured that we made the right choice. Nothing is too much trouble and J obviously has a genuine love for what she does.


2nd August 2011
Harriet Hill.
Client for 18 lausanne Rd.

I’d recommend Green and Teggin who are local. They’ve done a great job helping us realise our ideas through their inspiration and practical expertise. Really easy to work with and a good price.


14th June 2011
Re: Architect Recommendation.

I can also recommend Green and Teggin.

Jacqueline provided my wife and I with invaluable strategic advice about a proposed loft conversion project to our flat in Brockley. She is creative, professional and a pleasure to work with. Quite simply, she saved us from making a big (and costly) mistake, and for that we are very grateful! I have already passed her details on to other friends in the area and would happily do so again.


10th November 2010

Dear Jacqueline

Thanks for all your advice, it was really illuminating to look at things in a different way, and well worth the cost in my opinion.

Many thanks.

Rachel Lloyd


1st December 2010
William Alexander (Owner The Hop Shop).
Client for Castle Farm Workshops

My project was to convert an old farm building into a modern, energy efficient office, with integral toilets and other associated facilities. When I approached Tom I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in my own mind, but needed that professional input to develop the detailed design and draw up full specifications that met current regulations, as well as my own requirements. After a site visit and design discussions, Tom prepared all the necessary plans, elevations and working drawings, then obtained building regulations and drew up a schedule of works ready to go out to tender.

Green & Teggin listened to what I wanted, talked through various options and once the design was agreed, delivered all that I needed to allow the project to proceed. The final result is an aesthetically pleasing and functional rural office that I am proud of.


9th November 2010
Re: Architectural Services.

Hi, I’d just like to say that for a very reasonable fee Jackie really helped us out with plans for our house. We are doing a loft conversion and knocking a wall though and Jackie made invaluable suggestions to improve/change our plans where necessary. Getting an expert eye just for a couple of hours has meant we now will have a much better house layout and design. We would recommend her to anyone considering domestic improvements to their property.


23rd September 2010
Dr De Soto.

We used Jacqui’s ideas session to help us come up with ideas, and it was certainly worth it, we have a new vision of what we want to do as a result. Happy to recommend her to others.


20 August 2010
Re: Architectural Services.

I just wanted to say that we have used Jaqui’s services already and she has done a brilliant job. She drew plans and put together a planning application for our rear extension. She has a wonderful manner and is efficient, honest and helpful. She understands our needs and offers advice where it would be helpful (whilst not pressing her ideas upon us). She seems to be one of those people who genuinely loves her job and thrives on going above the call of duty. I am sure that word of mouth will spread fast, and Green & Teggin deserve it.


15th March 2010
Re: Architectural Services.

Another satisfied customer for Jackie’s services.

We are planning a kitchen extension and she helped us think through options, and even drew us some plans on the spot in enough detail to help us visualise the impact of each.

All this provided at a very reasonable cost, and in a very open, friendly and helpful manner. I’d recommend Jackie as a first port of call for anyone thinking about undertaking building work on their house.


7th March 2015
Deborah Wolton.
Client for 8 Oakford Rd.

Just had a change of lodger in the flat. I Wanted to say (after clearing and cleaning) how lovely and inviting the spaces looked. A very successful and popular conversion!