RIBA Chartered Practice

Conservation & Sustainability



We believe Architecture should be designed to last; it should be inherently sustainable and not concerned with conservation narrowly interpreted as re-enactment. We take conservation and sustainability seriously and are keen to improve the fabric of existing buildings.

Jacqueline has been formally trained in conservation and sustainable refurbishment by the RIBA the BRE. We are seeking accreditation as conservation architects with the RIBA conservation Register and the AABC.

We provide useful, practical and affordable advice on conservation, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly construction practices.


Design Life & Whole Life

We believe the design life and whole life costs should be carefully considered and given significant weighting as part of the design process.

We  offer inspection and maintenance advice on all our completed projects, usually for free.  We feel strongly that our involvement in a project should not end at completion of the build; it is very important to us to understand what is and what isn’t successful over the longer term.



Passivhaus & Renewables

Thomas has trained as a Certified Passivhaus Designer, and we are keen to promote passive design principles and demand reduction. We can provide energy models using Passivhaus software (PHPP) when relevant, we can also provide thermal bridging details and 2D calculations using Therm if needed.

We have ample experience incorporating various types of renewables into built projects, and will integrate these into designs where appropriate.


Localism & Stakeholders

We are interested in investing our time, ideas and effort into our local area and local communities as stakeholders.