RIBA Chartered Practice

Aldersmead Road

This project consists of a rear extension to a semi-detached house in Beckenham. The existing property was a three storey Victorian semi detached house with a poorly constructed rear extension that the owners wished to replace. Our brief was to provide a better connection between the house and the garden, bring as much light as possible into the house and to design a discreet utility area in into the existing house.

They clients were keen to have a very modern looking extension that contrasted with the existing house. The design and detailing is a development of our project at 130 Oglander Rd, with deep glue laminated timber beams, green roof flush with shallow pitch roof glazing and concealed gutters and downpipes etc.





The design includes a glass slot across the roof to separate the new from the old. As with most of our projects we were careful to retain as much of the existing structure as possible, lining up new openings with openings designed for the original house etc.

Initially the client considered using a whole room as the utility area, however with careful planning and relocation of a doorway, it was possible to retain the original kitchen as a children’s play room with a utility cupboard concealed with sliding doors down one wall.