RIBA Chartered Practice

Oglander Road

The brief for this project was to design an extension that would link more effectively with the garden and bring more light into the grand dining room. Our clients, Carolyn and Paul Winstanley were keen to develop a highly contemporary design. A slot of glass runs across the roof and down the side elevation separating the new extension from the existing building, and positioned to allow light deep into the plan of the existing house.

To prevent overlooking from the neighbour’s roof terrace through a glass roof, we used deep timber beams to support the glass and obstruct the oblique view into the extension. These beams were rebated to conceal a green roof flush with the glass, and routed on the underside to accommodate strips of LEDs lighting.





By enlarging the opening from the dining room into the new extension and positioning the doors appropriately, it is now possible to see right down the garden from the front door.

The design includes bronze anodised aluminium bespoke guttering, window reveals and window frames that act together to discreetly channel rainwater from the glass roof to below ground. It also includes black stained larch cladding and highly insulating Heat Mirror glass to reduce solar gain and internal UV light.